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Transportation YOU - Powerhouse Science Center Recap

On October 22, 2019 Sherri Berexa (Psomas) and Joy Denny (NV5) took eight amazing students to tour the Powerhouse Science Center construction site. Powerhouse has a passion to fundamentally transform science literacy in the Sacramento region by creating a new science center for the capital of the fifth largest economy in the work and the home to the center of global technological advancements. Powerhouse is revitalizing the historic PG&E power station - listed on the National Register of Historic Places - and incorporate the Robert T. Matsui Waterfront Park right on the Sacramento River. This $45 million project, funded completely by donations, is scheduled to complete towards the end of 2021.

Otto Construction is the project contractor. Otto was generous in providing a site tour (on the outside of the safety fence) and a presentation. The folks from Otto spoke on the different types of engineering needed to design and construct the new science center. In addition to engineering, there are biologist involved and trades such as electricians and iron workers. Of all the engineering and trades involved, the students seemed to like the thought of being the architect to determine the design of the center.

They saw a picture of a cool robot used to demolish the roof. Hazardous materials used in construction of the old building were best removed with a robot. The other neat thing they saw were bat houses. Bat houses were constructed to provide a new place for bats to roost for bats instead of living in the old Powerhouse building.

A HUGE thank you to Otto Construction for taking the time to share your interesting project with us!


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