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September-November 2020 Message from the President

Greetings WTS Sacramento. In this, our final newsletter of 2020 and my WTS presidency I'd like to thank you for your continued virtual engagement. I am impressed by our industry’s resiliency and our chapter’s ability to pivot into this new remote world. Our strong virtual attendance has continued in our virtual professional development workshop as well as our September and October virtual lunch programs.

Read more about our recent virtual events in the newsletter below. These include the Fall Professional Development Workshop featuring Victoria Hatch, CPSM, and Tara Kinsella presenting “Overcoming Stress: Is Your Current Work/Life Reality Making Your Body Sick?”, the September Lunch Program with Emily Baime Michaels, Executive Director of the Midtown Association discussing placemaking, public spaces, and community vitality in Midtown Sacramento, and the October Lunch Program featuring Aaron Hoyt, Placer County Transportation Planning Agency Project Manager and Sam Vandell, Caltrans Project Manager presenting on the Highway 49 Rehab and ATP Improvements.

We have also seen a number of scholarship applications and award nominations roll in. Scholarship applications and awards nominations close today so please make sure to get yours submitted.

We also have some very exciting events coming up too! For WTS Sacramento Members, next Wednesday December 9th, we have our Winter Professional Development with Maisha Christian Hagan, owner and head coach at Beauty & the Boss, who will present on the Art of Influence and Negotiation. We are also planning for our Annual Awards and Scholarship Dinner that will be held at the end of January. Not only will the event feature speeches from the award and scholarship winners, but also are including some virtual networking! Be on the lookout for a save the date!

Finally, please join me in congratulating the new executive board for WTS Sacramento - Emily Abrahams, Kira Davis, Amanda Kahn, and Ariana Castillo. I am excited to know that WTS Sacramento will continue under your capable leadership. The board will hold their strategic planning meeting in January and we are looking for new board members! If you are interested in getting involved in WTS, now is the perfect time. Please reach out to Emily Abrahams if you would like to attend.

Thank you all for the continued support these past two years. This has been a wonderful experience and I am so grateful for all the opportunities to interact with each of you. Please have a safe and happy holiday season. This is LR, signing off.

Warmest Regards,

Lauren Reinking, PE

WTS Sacramento Chapter President



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