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2019 Mentorship Program - Midyear Meetup Recap

The WTS Sacramento - Midway Mentorship Meetup event was held at the Red Rabbit Bar & Kitchen on October 4th. They enjoyed appetizers and drinks and had a relaxed evening of conversation and getting to know each other better. The mentors and mentees who could attend, talked about various trends and current events in the transportation world, including recent legislative bills Caltrans appointments, and innovations in mobility options.

They also had some really inspiring conversations and advice from the Mentors around perseverance in male-dominated rooms/ conversations, challenges that come with balancing parenthood with your career, the objectives of WTS and how we can better integrate gender flexibility. Everyone also shared about how they’ve been meeting as a mentorship pair and discussed other ideas for group meet-ups, including a “speed mentoring”, golf clinic, and more mixers.

The formal program will come to a close with a final meetup event, which will be held later in January.


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