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Better Know a Board Member - Sherina Lam

In this eNews edition, we are getting to better know Sherina Lam with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.!

Originally from Hong Kong, Sherina’s family immigrated to Canada where she grew up and lived in the Toronto and Montreal areas. She earned her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Concordia University in Canada.

Here in California, Sherina has worked for Y&C, URS/AECOM, and now Kimley-Horn. She followed the traditional path – she started as a design engineer, progressed to project engineer, continued to project manager, and is now a practice builder. When she began her career, Sherina was focused on absorbing as much information and experience as she could. Sherina loves learning about the different project perspectives from her coworkers and especially enjoys working with young professionals and seeing them develop their personal style.

Sherina has been an active member in WTS Sacramento since 2007. Over the years she has served as Corporate Partnership Chair, Recognitions Chair, and currently serves as Mentorship Program Co-Chair. Sherina emphasizes the opportunity in civil engineering and WTS to improve communities in more ways than just construction. In addition to the traditional designer role, civil engineers engage with communities and stakeholders, help find common ground, and build consensus. As part of WTS leadership she works to help bring greater awareness to the professional diversity of WTS. The chapter is made up of engineers, planners, contractors, researchers, advocates, policy makers, and more. WTS is an invaluable forum for bringing them all together.

Sherina loves spending free time with her family relaxing and playing games. She often watches cartoons and plays Mario Party, Just Dance, and Mario Golf with her two children. They have also started taking their golf game off screen to the driving range!

Thank you Sherina for your dedication to WTS Sacramento!

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