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Better Know a Board Member - Patrick Donovan

In this eNews edition, we are getting to better know Patrick Donovan with Jacobs!

Born and raised in Sacramento, Patrick went to high school at Christian Brothers. He attended Loyola Marymount University in LA, where he earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering, and quickly found his way back to Sacramento after graduation.

He started his career as a project engineer at Deacon Construction where he was part of the team that managed the construction of the Archer Hotel in Napa. He loved the fast pace and the constant collaboration of daily construction management but wanted to work towards achieving PE licensure so when the opportunity to interview for a role at CH2M (now Jacobs) appeared he took it. He has since worked at Jacobs in a few different roles – as a roadway designer, on the FEMA emergency rebuild team, and currently as a project manager in electrical distribution.

Patrick has been active in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) since his days as class rep back at LMU. Through ASCE he has been exposed to a broad cross section of his peers all throughout the Western US. Engaging in leadership roles within ASCE has afforded him the opportunity to plan events (presentations, mixers, ski trips…) and to attend national ASCE events. Most notably, he was selected to attend the ASCE Legislative Fly In in Washington DC to learn about the key policy issues affecting the industry and personally meet with members of Congress to represent ASCE’s positions on these issues.

Patrick has also been involved with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) for several years. Serving as a part of Sacramento EWB’s Belize project team he traveled to Belize. It was an eye opening experience and he was especially grateful to work on a project with an immediate and direct positive impact to the town of Sarteneja.

Patrick serves on the WTS Sacramento board as the Newsletter Chair. As the Newsletter Chair his role is to create this very newsletter!

Patrick loves civil engineering because the work is interesting, important, and rewarding. Our work as civil engineers is critical to maintaining and improving the infrastructure backbone of our communities. He feels lucky to work in a profession where our work can positively impact the welfare of those around us.

Outside of work Patrick spend his time with family, playing rec sports, or with his nose in a book. As an Irish Catholic family that’s been in the Sacramento area for a few generations there are quite a few Donovan's around and they're all close. He is an avid skier, an amateur cyclist, a mediocre tennis player, and (before covid) a halfway decent ultimate frisbee player. He reads a lot of historical dramatizations and science fiction.

Thank you Patrick for your dedication to WTS Sacramento and all of your hard work as a Newsletter Chair!

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