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April - May 2021 UCD Student Chapter Update

March 9: Women of California High Speed Rail Panel

We hosted accomplished panelists Maritza Acosta (Program Management at WSP), Alicia Fowler (Chief Counsel at CAHSRA), and Melissa Figueroa (Chief of Strategic Communications at CAHSRA) as part of this panel. Our student chapter got updates on the progress of HSR construction and had the opportunity to ask executives and engineers about their experiences both before and during their time at the California High Speed Rail Authority.

April 15: Placerville Historic Mainstreet Project - Guest Speaker Carlye Buchholtz

Project Engineer at R.E.Y. Engineers, Inc. (and WTS Sacramento's Membership Chair!) Carlye Buchholtz presented a project to restore Placerville's Historic Main Street. Our student chapter heard about everything that goes into a restoration project, from surface street rehab to sewer system work. Questions followed the presentation.

May 11: Transportation Student Roundtable

We co-hosted an event with the Institute of Transportation Engineers UC Davis Chapter where we had an open conversation on relevant classes to take, job opportunities, recent transportation planning & engineering news, and anything else related to the wonderful world of transportation! This provided an opportunity for discussion amongst a wide range of majors and years of study.

We're also happy to announce we successfully elected 5 new board members for the 2021-2022 school year:

President: Nina Price

Vice President: Holly Murphy

Treasurer: Sarah Dennis

Secretary: Raina Joby

Communications: Rey Hosseinzade

If you are interested in being added to their distribution list or otherwise engaging with the student chapter please email

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