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Recap - October 2020 Lunch Program

On October 21st, WTS welcomed Aaron Hoyt from PCTPA and Sam Vandell from Caltrans District 3 to discuss ongoing investment in Highway 49 through Auburn and unincorporated Placer County. Their presentation covered two projects: Caltrans' SHOPP-funded Highway 49 Rehabilitation Project and PCTPA's ATP-funded Highway 49 Sidewalk Gap Closure Project. Sam and Aaron noted the projects will widen Highway 49, signalize intersections, and add sidewalks and bike lanes to a 4.1 mile rural commercial corridor.

The two projects were developed in partnership with local agencies and residents with a focus to improve safety on Highway 49, which has seen 3 motorist fatalities and 7 pedestrian fatalities in the past 10 years. Aaron and Sam noted both projects faced significant challenges, including limited bridge deck and right-of-way width, steep shoulders, and a water channel overcrossing. While the projects will bring sidewalks to 75% of the corridor and significantly improve congestion, these challenges will leave gaps in the sidewalk network and prevent widening to the ultimate.

The presentation concluded with photos of construction work to date on the Caltrans project. Construction on the Caltrans project is ongoing and is expected to finish in Winter 2021. The PCTPA ATP project is in final design and is expected to go to construction in late 2021.

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