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National Native American Heritage Month Recap

November marks the month of observing Native American Heritage. Acknowledgement of tribal lands and territories is a vital step in respecting tribal sovereignty and coordination, and below are several resources to aid this process:

· Native Land Digital Map: According to the latest census data, California is home to more people of Native American/Alaska Native heritage than any other state in the Country. Land is of sacred significance to the heritage and narratives of Indigenous people. Therefore, taking time to acknowledge and learn about the Native lands occupied by Californians today is crucial to fostering meaningful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

· Recognizing the extents and overlap of tribal territories is essential when fostering partnerships with Tribes. Here are some additional tools to assist with tribal coordination:

· To learn more about the history and sovereignty of California’s Tribal Communities, visit:

· To learn more about the resources available for your projects on Tribal Land through Caltrans, visit the Native American Liaison Branch

· To contact tribal liaisons in a Caltrans district of interest, visit the NALB District Contacts

· To access federally recognized tribal contact information, visit the Office of the Tribal Advisor

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