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June 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Recap

In June, WTS Sacramento celebrated Pride Month by reflecting on the importance of creating inclusive workplace cultures supportive of LGBTQIA+ needs. Below are several resources we found useful in learning about the cultural significance of Pride Month and on building stronger allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community:

A Guide to Gender Identity Terms - Using the preferred pronouns and gender identity terms is key to signaling respect and acceptance and is often the first step in creating an inclusive environment and becoming a better ally.

Creating a Trans-Inclusive Workplace - Although there has been increased awareness of the daily struggles faced by trans people, employers are often not equipped with a culture to support trans employees. How do we make transgender employees feel welcome and valued at work?

Why LGBT Employees Need Workplace Allies - What makes a workplace where LGBT talent can thrive, and why is allyship important for employee retention?

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