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Get to Know - Rupinder Jawanda

Rupinder has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and a Master's Degree in Urban Land Development. She has had the privilege to have worked with Pulte Homes and AKT Development, and is currently employed with Caltrans Traffic Operations as a Senior Transportation Planner. Starting out in real estate development and the homebuilding industry, Rupinder became interested in transportation during graduate school. She enjoys being able to assist others outside of her organization when they have an issue, big or small, and don't know who to call.

She was introduced to WTS while on loan to SACOG and became interested in the organization ever since. After a while she asked if our chapter needed any help, and we snatched her up right away! Rupinder is currently on the Advisory Board and Programs committees. What Rupinder enjoys most about WTS is being a part of a "great (and fun) organization that brings quality speakers/events to Sacramento." She also enjoys getting to know the other board members.

Her advice to others in the industry: "Help others along the way, whether it's looking over a resume or providing an introduction, we all had someone that helped us!"

While not planning transportation projects or helping those who call her up, Rupinder loves to box! She has been boxing for almost two years and "absolutely" loves it - don't want to get her mad!

Thank you Rupinder for all of your support and program ideas for WTS Sacramento to host, we're happy to have you along!


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