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Better Know a Board Member - Carlye Buchholz

In this eNews edition, we are getting to better know Carlye Buchholz with R.E.Y. Engineers Inc.!

Carlye grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!) where she went to Ferris State University and earned her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Surveying Engineering. Her first engineering position was in her home town at Arbor Land Consultants, Inc. as a Survey Technician. She then moved out to California and is now an Associate Engineer/Surveyor with R.E.Y. Engineers Inc.

What got her interested in surveying? Her dad. He is a surveyor and she got hooked on it when she was young. "He and I think so similarly it’s almost scary so, not being totally sure what I wanted to do after high school, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a surveying program." In college, she enjoyed both her engineering and surveying classes which led her to become licensed, and pursue a career in, both the fields. Transportation work resonates with her as she is drawn to the problem-solving aspects of a project. She is excited to come into work each day knowing and feeling the self-gratification that she is helping to improve communities.

One of her favorite projects was the Argo Cascades Project. The project converted an old river offshoot that was historically used to hold logs that were floated down the river by lumber industries, into a series of pools that each drop in elevation, before connecting back to the river below a dam. Prior to the project, people floating the river would have to get out and portage around the dam. With the project, they now can ride the small rapids created by the pools and divert around the dam. "It was a project early in my career that inspired joy in watching a space that had been run down with very little use transform into a regional recreational attraction."

Carlye heard about WTS Sacramento through working on projects with other people who were members. After researching WTS online, she thought it was a great organization and decided to join. She was immediately drawn to the lunch programs and professional development events as she enjoys learning new things and feels a value in being well-rounded. Carlye has even been a model in our Annual Fashion Show! "WTS is such a great organization and I just can’t seem to get enough!" Carlye is currently our Membership Chair.

What she loves most about being a part of WTS is the community. "The Sacramento transportation community has such a great liveliness to it and WTS does a fantastic job of organizing events that brings that the community together." Her advice to others who share a passion for engineering is to "Set goals and make them happen for yourself! Your hard work will pay off."

In her spare time, Carlye enjoys traveling, she always enjoys getting out to see and experience new things, whether it's a near or far adventure! She also loves to cook and bake and sharing her creations is "really fun and exciting."

Thank you Carlye for all your time and hard work, we love having you as part of our WTS family!


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